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Scottsdale Car Care & Speed Shop takes immense pride in our work, a principle that shines through in every aspect of our services. Our dedicated team brings meticulous attention to detail, unwavering commitment to using only the highest quality parts, and a deep dedication to customer satisfaction. Our standard of excellence is evident in the superior reliability, enhanced performance, and unmatched precision of every vehicle we service. We believe in not just meeting but exceeding expectations, ensuring that each client experiences the pinnacle of automotive care and performance enhancements.

Explore below some of our signature services, showcasing our expertise and commitment to exceptional automotive care and performance enhancements.


Engine Repair

Our team excels in engine diagnostics and repairs, addressing everything from minor issues to major overhauls. We use the latest technology and high-quality parts to ensure your engine performs efficiently and reliably, extending its lifespan and enhancing its performance.


Transmission Repair

With specialized knowledge in both manual and automatic transmissions, we provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance. Our meticulous approach ensures every component functions seamlessly, offering you a smoother and more reliable driving experience.


Brake Repair

Safety is paramount in brake repairs, and our team ensures every aspect, from pads to hydraulics, is in top condition. We prioritize precision and quality in our brake services, providing you with the confidence of responsive and effective braking.



Our tune-ups go beyond basic adjustments. We thoroughly inspect and optimize each critical component, from spark plugs to air filters, ensuring your vehicle operates at peak efficiency, reduces emissions, and provides improved fuel economy.


Check Engine Light

We tackle the complexities behind the check engine light with expert diagnostic skills. Our team accurately identifies and resolves underlying issues, preventing potential future problems and ensuring your vehicle’s systems are functioning optimally.


A/C Repair

In our A/C repair services, we focus on both comfort and efficiency. We handle everything from refrigerant leaks to compressor issues, ensuring your air conditioning system provides reliable and consistent cooling.


Auto Electric Repair

Our expertise in auto electrical systems covers a wide range of services, from fixing battery issues to complex wiring problems. We ensure all electrical components, including lighting and ignition systems, are functioning perfectly.


Suspension Repair

We provide comprehensive suspension repairs, enhancing your vehicle’s stability and handling. Our services ensure not only a smoother ride but also improved control and tire wear, contributing to the overall safety and performance of your vehicle.


Oil Changes & Flushes

Regular oil changes and flushes are key to vehicle maintenance. We use top-quality oils and fluids tailored to your vehicle’s needs, ensuring optimal lubrication, cooling, and cleanliness of the engine internals.


Emission Repair

Our emission repair services are designed to reduce your vehicle’s environmental impact while optimizing engine performance. We handle everything from catalytic converter repairs to O2 sensor replacements, ensuring compliance with emission standards.

At Scottsdale Car Care & Speed Shop, our dedication to quality, combined with our extensive expertise, makes us the best choice for maintaining and enhancing your vehicle’s performance and reliability.

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